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 8 July - Sunday 31 July

​ In Gallery 85 - "The Remembering" - Alice Cowdrey

Myth, transcendence, dreaming, perception, ancestry, reincarnation, yearning, the void, retrieval, time, fear, home, transformation, reclamation, protection, comfort, healing, medicine.


Taranaki-based textile artist Alice Cowdrey needle felts, knits and stitches works which are mythical explorations of transformation, rebirth and nature. She looks to nature for inspiration, telling stories based on her ancestral ties and things that exist outside our material world. Needle felting is a dry felting technique where a barbed needle is used to repeatedly jab wool, tangling and compacting the fibres together. The process is time consuming, but meditative in nature. Other materials incorporated into Alice's work include fabrics, clay, human hair, feathers fur and beads.

Works in the Exhibition

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