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Lynn Hurst – Looking Back @ The Deconstructed Self

A re-viewing of paintings last exhibited in the late 1990s and including some re-worked works.


A Gallery  1 December – 22 December 2023

Lynn Hurst is an artist whose work crosses media boundaries and stylistic conventions, an appropriate practice considering her interest in binary
oppositions and paradox. The work shown here is from two different series, The Deconstructed Self, 1995-1999.
Her work can seduce as it repels eliciting the voyeuristic tendencies latent in us all. It is at once in-tensely personal and scientifically removed.
Even as she physically and psychologically exposes herself to our scrutiny she does so in a way that is neutralized by its presentation.
Impulse embraces control, elision exposes as much as it suppresses.
Hurst’s work is a discourse on contradiction.

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