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Peregrinations: a meandering journey in mixed media

 Wendy Watson

It is intriguing to consider the enormous variety of responses to the creative call through music, movement, the visual arts, and the written or spoken word.  Each is unique whether the call be internal or external, a whisper or shout, insistent or fleeting.  Whatever is created in turn calls to the viewer: posing a question; questioning thinking, emotions, values; requesting or demanding a response. 


Called to be a maker by desire, curiosity and necessity it steadily became my focus: a call not to be ignored.  As someone for whom thinking and making fit naturally together, who enjoys learning new skills and techniques, I create a diverse body of work that demonstrates my responses to my environment and society.  No one medium has caught my imagination, instead I continue to explore and go where impulse takes me.


My practice is based in materiality that has developed through intensive experimentation and a commitment to making use of natural, found and recycled materials where possible.  I question many conventions of my craft, preferring to rule break, experiment, and ask "what if?” and using commonplace materials in unusual ways.  Elevating the mundane, exploring transparency, capturing the fragile are all elements of my practice here in Whanganui.


Wendy Watson

Works in the Exhibition

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