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27 Oct - 20 November 2022

Temporary Arrangements, paintings by Tejomani Earl


Tejomani Earl

Though coming to painting late in life, the blank canvas has proved to be an enjoyable and timely extension of 30 years practice on the meditation cushion.


Indeed it is simply another invitation to enter the realm of not knowing:

the un-pin-able-down experience of the human predicament.


Painting becomes then primarily a kinaesthetic exploration beyond thought and particular intention.

‘no one to be, nowhere to go‘


so that whatever is arising in time and space together with accumulated life experience ( the good the bad and the ugly) is free to express , thus allowing colour, shape texture and mark making to speak for themselves, in their own ‘suchness’.


A love of colour, the seemingly endless variety of tone and shade mixed from scratch and the messy gloopy application of the paint itself is a constant source of pleasure.


***** My work is a simple celebration of the beauty and imperfection of this world and the temporary nature of thoughts, feelings and sensations *****

Tejomani-Earl opening.jpg
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