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​​ "Sheila Pearson - Not my circus, not my monkeys"

 a humorous look at classical portraiture and the human condition.

 ''Paul Jacobson - Elemental"  inspirational photography with poetry.

"Paul moved to Whanganui in late 2019.  He has had poems published in the Listener and photographs published in North & South and the Dominion.  Lately he has been taking photographs mostly with a phone to work with the effect of images which express feeling without the crisp, tight aspect of higher grade cameras.

  The poems are ongoing and an essential expression of a given in a sense the truth of feeling over the more accidental aspects"

''Sweaney Jacks - Abstract''  paintings with a mid-century vibe.

"I’ve been painting now for 10 years and love experimenting with different mediums, beeswax, plaster, oil.  Making my own frames, I just love making art full stop!!"


If you would like to arrange a private viewing out of published hours, please email us at or call me.

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