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4 August – 3 September 2023


My cowboy drawings are about tenderness and play. The men

depicted may, or may not, identify as queer.

This is a new take on masculinity and desire.


I am not depicting the effete and nervous homosexual here,

hounded secretly by society into submission. These are guys

having fun with the act of love (kissing) at their centre. My bro’s are having the time of their lives proudly and in public.


The playfulness of the bondage series, should not be too

shocking. It is about queerness at play. About bonds of intimacy, care and affection that stretch our idea of what homosexual attachment means among men.


Of course these drawings contain idealisation. I sing myself

present in the process of drawing each lover.

However I decided early on in this series, to ignore the particular tastes of a viewing public, and to literally “go for broke”.





smaller works $350 each


2 larger works $525 each

Works in the Exhibition

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