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8 April - Sunday 1 May

Figures at the Foot of the Cross and other Drawings - Michael Haggie


A Gallery Easter 2022


These are communiques of fellowship amidst grief and suffering at the state of the world.


In these drawings done between 2008 - 2010, I chose not to follow any set or literal Biblical narrative. What appears are contemporary settings of many different people, young and old who gather beneath the Cross in order to mourn and grieve over the death of a much loved leader.


These are crucifixion scenes which are set in cities. This aspect is central to the dramas depicted. Motorways and cars are in evidence. The people shown are in states of extreme emotion, shocked and blown away by the barbarity of the death of Christ. In a way my graphic situation mirrors that of a news reporter for a TV video. The contemporary scenes of what is being beamed to us live from the brutality in Ukraine, is similarly potent here

Works in the Exhibition

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